Greenwalt Corporation was formed in 1978 when R. Max and Loretta Greenwalt purchased an existing Butler Manufacturing dealership and incorporated as Greenfield Builders, Inc. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, the company focused primarily on design/build construction of pre-engineered metal buildings for manufacturing, industrial, and retail uses. As the company began to grow in the 1980’s, the Greenwalt family realized that a development company would provide a strategic advantage in the marketplace and provide better design/build services to customers. In 1988, the Greenwalt family formed Greenwalt Development, Inc. to pursue development projects in conjunction with construction services provided by Greenfield Builders, Inc. Throughout the 1990’s, the two companies developed projects for Caterpillar Logistics, Wholesale Clubs, Airborne Express, National Gypsum, Sam’s Club, Kohl’s, Menards, and many others.

Our History

During the mid-1990’s, the Greenwalt family formed CateredLifeCommunities, Inc. and began developing a brands known as GreenTreeAssisted Living and Samara Memory Care consisting of assisted living and memory care facilities for seniors. Greenwalt Corporation developed roughly 690 assisted living and memory care units with facilities in Greenfield, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Lawrence, IN; Kokomo, IN; Columbus, IN; New Castle, IN; Mt. Vernon, IL; Fairborn, OH; and Tulsa, OK. After growing Greenfield Builders, Inc. to one of the largest Butler Manufacturing dealerships in the country, with projects throughout the eastern half of the United States, the Greenwalt family sold Greenfield Builders, Inc. to focus primarily on development of assisted living, memory care, and medical office projects. After the sale of Greenfield Builders, R. Max and R. Lynn Greenwalt formed GDI Construction, Inc. to provide internal construction services for Greenwalt Corporation as it continued to pursue development of assisted living, memory care, and medical office.

After developing, filling, and stabilizing its assisted living and memory care facilities, Greenwalt Corporation sold its GreenTreeAssisted Living and Samara Memory Care facilities to real estate investment trusts in the mid-2000’s to focus on medical office development. The Greenwalt family also sold GDI Construction, Inc. in 2005 to long-term internal employees. In 2008, Greenwalt Construction, Inc. was formed to provide construction services for Greenwalt Corporation’s medical office projects. Greenwalt Construction, Inc. is also an authorized builder for Varco Pruden(VP) Buildings and focuses on steel and metal building construction for commercial, industrial, and retail uses.

Today and Beyond

In 2013, R. Lynn and R. Aaron Greenwalt formed Greenwalt Development Group, LLC to assist Greenwalt Development, Inc. in pursuing additional design/build development of retail/mixed use commercial, medical, and industrial opportunities for Greenwalt Corporation. In addition, Greenwalt Corporation provides commercial and retail property management services. Greenwalt Corporation and the Greenwalt family maintain an excellent reputation and positive relationships with the financial community.

Greenwalt Corporation in located in central Indiana and has completed projects throughout Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Kentucky.